Our products

Conventional Fire Alarm: Provides Zone Wise Location Applicable for Small Area ,Factories, Residential Building.

Digital Fire Alarm : Provides Pint Point Location with Conventional Detector

Addressable Fire Alarm : Provides Pin - Point Location of the Devices Applicable for Larger Area like Hospital, Mall, Complex, High Fire Building etc.

Fire Cum PA System : Fire Alarm along with Public Address System in a Single Integrated Panel enables earlier fire detection and greater detection reliability

Beam Detection: Cover Bigger Area (Approx 100 Mtrs) eg : Warehouse , Factory Mall

We do Projects base fighting systems

Water Spray System :

High velocity water spray system Application Area

• Transformers.

Medium velocity water spray system application Area

 • Cable Gallery , Machinery , Conveyors, LPG bullets, NH3 storage tanks, oil storage tanks and other similar applications.

Foam Based


• Oil Tankers
• Bullet Area
• Oil Storage Tanks


• Foam Monitor
• Foam Making Branch Pipe
• Foam Generator
• Foam Maker
• Mobile Foam Unit
• Foam Sprinkler

Co2 Based System :

Application Area: Transformers Power generators, Machinery spaces, Electrical Equipments Chemical Equipments.

Clean Agent Based System :

Application Area: Server Room , Data Centre ,MSC Room ,IT Rooms.

Tube Based System:

Application Area: Electrical cabinets Enclosed areas with high-risk electric circuit.

DSPA (Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol )System:

Application Area: Server Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Data, Chemical Storage Rooms, Gas Bank Area.

Containment: The fire is prevented from progressing to another area. This is also known as “PASSIVE” fire protection.

Passive fire protection system

• Delays the fire damages

• Such protection buys time for the occupants to escape, and/or for the fire fighting services to safely enter

• Many passive fire protection materials also give added benefits such as thermal and acoustic insulation

Type :-

• Dry Chemical Power

• Water Co2

• Mechanical Foam

• Carbon Dioxide

• ABC – Multi Purpose

• Clean Agent - Multi Purpose

• Automatic Modular Range